The Act provides for the territorial authority to proactively check a building to ensure the BWoF and IQP reports are correct.
This can include triggering systems to test them, and visually sighting log books and maintenance schedules.
The territorial authority can charge for this inspection. They can also authorise an agent to undertake this inspection work on their behalf.

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Why would Council conduct an inspection on the building?
The building act allows council as the territorial authority (TA) to inspect buildings with compliances schedules to check the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures stated on the compliance schedule are complied with.
This will help ensure the annual BWOF issued is correct.
The building act also allows the territorial authority to inspect buildings that have specified systems installed to ensure they have a compliance schedule.

Will my compliance schedule need updating as a result of the compliance schedule inspection? Potentially, the compliance schedule inspection may result in the compliance schedule needing an amendment, for more information on this please see our amendment to compliance schedule section.

Can my IQP attend the compliance schedule inspection? Yes, you can arrange for your IQP(s) to be on site to assist the council during the inspection.