Role of Council

The role of Council/the territorial authority is to collate, administer and check the documentation for building warrants of fitness.

Council will review the documentation provided (this documentation is provided on particular Council forms these are known as – Form 12 & Form 12As).

This includes ensuring:

  • the BWoF - Form 12 matches the current compliance schedule
  • all the Form 12As comply with the Building Regulations 2004 and have been filled out correctly.
  • the Form 12As provided collectively cover the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for all the specified systems on the compliance schedule.
  • the IQP who has signed the Form 12A is registered for the particular specified system.

An administration fee will be invoiced, for the management of each yearly BWoF.

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What is the administration fee for? The fee is for processing and checking the submitted Building Warrant of Fitness documents and ensuring they match the current compliance schedule.Visit our fees and charges page for further information.

How do I know if my IQP is registered? Timaru District Council’s website offers an IQP search (external link) that accesses the register for all registered IQPs in the South Island.