Code Compliance Certificate

A Code Compliance Certificate is a formal statement issued under section 95 of the Building Act 2004 (external link) .

It gives you and future owners an assurance that the building work was done to the appropriate standards, making it safe, healthy and durable.

Lack of a Code Compliance Certificate might prevent a bank from releasing a final builder payment or increase the cost of insurance cover.

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When to apply

When should you apply for a Code Compliance Certificate.

CCC Decision

After you have applied for a CCC.

Durability Modification

Applying for a CCC a prolonged time after the works have been completed.

Proof of Ownership

Importance of providing proof of ownership.

Supporting documentation

Supporting documents you may need to provide with your CCC application.


My Code Compliance Certificate was refused, can I still get one? If your Code Compliance Certificate was refused it means that the work was not completed to the consented documents/building code. You will need to complete the work and reapply for a CCC. If you have questions please contact the Council for help.

I can’t get all the documents any more? Contact us and we can work out a way to move forward.

We decided not to go ahead with the project, what do we do? Just mail/email us so we can remove the consent from the property.

I don’t know what to do? We can talk you through this process. Make an appointment to come in and speak to someone about your application. We offer free 30min consultations with every consent. Please contact us for further information.

Do I need a Code Compliance Certificate to sell my property? This is between the vendor and purchaser. Council will not stop a sale if a Code Compliance Certificate is outstanding. Outstanding CCCs are apparent on a LIM.

Can my business open to the public without a Code Compliance Certificate? You will need a Code Compliance Certificate or a Certificate of Public Use (CPU) before the public enter the building.