Supporting documentation to be provided with CCC

When applying for a Code Compliance Certificate, supporting documentation may be required to enable Council to be satisfied on reasonable grounds to issue the Code Compliance Certificate.

Section 92 of the Building Act 2004 requires that an application for a Code Compliance Certificate includes certain support documentation.

This includes:

  • record of works fromLicense Building Practitioners, where works include restricted building works
  • energy work certificates such as Electrical or Gas if undertaken as part of the building works.

Additional to the supporting documentation outlined by the Building Act 2004, Council may request other supporting information in order to issue a Code Compliance Certificate. Generally, this documentation will be outlined at the time of granting the building consent or as part of a site inspection during the construction stage. Supporting documentation could include but is not limited to:

  • as built site service plans (drainage, wastewater system)
  • engineer’s supervision records and supporting producer statements
  • manufacturers warranties or certifications
  • independent certification of specified systems

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What is the purpose of an As-Built?

  • the As-Built drainage plan is to provide information to owners of where their services are located on the property for future maintenance, development or landscaping of the property
  • make it safer to undertake site works, excavations or construction in the future?