Compliance schedule

A compliance schedule is a document issued by the Building Consent Authority (Council) that lists the specified systems (for example, automatic fire sprinklers, fire alarms, lifts, air conditioning systems) within a building and the performance standards for those systems.

The compliance schedule also states how the systems will be monitored and maintained to ensure they are performing in accordance with the performance standard to make the building safe and healthy for people to enter, occupy or work.

A compliance schedule is required for a building that:

  • is not wholly a single household unit (for example, commercial and industrial buildings but not stand-alone houses) and contains one or more specified systems (including cable cars)
  • is wholly a single household unit and has a cable car attached to it or servicing it.

Building consent applications are assessed to determine whether specified systems are being added, altered or removed as part of the project. When the consent is issued, a list of the specified systems being added or altered and their performance standards is attached. Compliance schedules as a result of building work are issued with the code compliance certificate.

A compliance schedule must be kept on-site unless at another place by mutual agreement with Council. It must be made available to Council officers, independent qualified persons and authorised agents at all times.

Where a compliance schedule has been issued for the first time, a compliance schedule statement (Form 10) is also issued by Council. This is a temporary public notification of compliance with the compliance schedule requirements and is replaced after 12 months by the building warrant of fitness.


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Can the Compliance Schedule be suspended for time?
Unfortunately no, if there is specified systems in the building they require to be maintaned. Council can consider flexibility with an inspection frequency under an application to amend the compliance schedule or building consent.