Specified system information to be supplied with a building consent application

The Building Act 2004, section 45(1)(g) (external link) specifies that an application for building consent must be accompanied by either one of the following:

  • if a compliance schedule is required as a result of building work, a list of all specified systems for the building or
  • if an amendment to an existing compliance schedule is required as a result of the building work, a list of all specified systems that are being altered, added or removed in the course of the building work.

Plans and specifications as defined under section 7 (external link) of the Building Act 2004.

Plans and specifications mean the drawings, specifications, and other documents according to which a building is proposed to be constructed, altered, demolished or removed; and includes:

  • specified systems that the applicant for building consent considers will be required to be included in the compliance schedule under section 100 (external link) and
  • the proposed procedures for inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for the purposes of the compliance schedule for those specified systems.

The means of commissioning the specified system is also to be provided. This will ensure clear understanding for all concerned, on the documentation required to enable the issue of the code compliance certificate and associated compliance schedule.

To comply with section 45 (external link) of the Building Act and given the complexity of some specified systems, and also to ensure any requests for further information are reduced, we require the building consent application to include completed versions of the following forms:

  • specified system list for building consent applications and
  • specified system information sheets for every specified system in the building.

Note: Incomplete forms and applications will not be accepted for processing.

Email us: building-cs@southlanddc.govt.nz

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Who’s responsibilty is it to provide this information? The person responsible for the plans and specifications needs to provide this information.