What are specified systems

Specified systems are important health and safety features in buildings If they fail to operate, they will negatively affect the health and safety of building users. Some of the more common specified systems you can find in buildings are, sprinkler systems, fire alarms, escape route signage, emergency lighting and extraction fans.

Because of the importance to the safety of people in the building, they require ongoing inspection and maintenance to ensure they function as designed. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure the specified systems are performing at all times.

For a more specific definition of a specified system the Building Act defines a specified system as a system or feature that is:

  • contained in, or attached to, a building
  • contributes to the proper functioning of the building (for example, a sprinkler system)
  • declared by the Governor-General, by Order in Council, to be a specified system for the purpose of this Act
  • includes a cable car.

Specified systems are prescribed by Regulation 4, and listed under Schedule 1, of the Building (Specified Systems, Change the Use, and Earthquake-prone Buildings) Regulations 2005 (external link)


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Who conducts the inspections on specified systems, is this done by Council? You will need to engage an Independent Qualified person to conduct your inspections on the specified systems in the building, please visit our section on Independt Qualifed Person(s) for more information.


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