Electronic inspections

Due to Southland District Council’s large land area and challenges with travel, electronic inspections may, under some circumstances, be considered an appropriate way of undertaking an inspection. Methods such as photos or Zoom video calls have been utilised in the past, however these are undertaken on a case by case basis.

If you believe an electronic inspection could be a suitable method for a particular aspect of building works being undertaken, contact us and discuss a proposal with the duty technical officer prior to the day of your inspection requested. 

Considerations need to be made around items such as network connectivity, camera quality and the inspection type before an agreement for this type of inspection can be made.

Email us: building-cs@southlanddc.govt.nz

Lodge a building consent online through Simpli


What is the process for finding out the outcome of an electronic inspection? You will be sent an inspection site notice pass or fail. If it is a fail the items that failed will be detailed on the notice. The follow up inspection may need to be done in person.