Inspection results

A pass means the next stage of the building work can take place.

A pass NC means a pass is not complete. This may be used on a site notice where an item is able to be approved but is identified as not yet complete. This would generally be approved on the proviso that some form of verification is provided that shows all works were undertaken as discussed. For example, photo evidence is provided of the item having been completed.

A fail means items identified as failed will need to be rectified or completed and will need to be re-inspected in some form. The inspector will record the most appropriate form of re-inspection on the issued site notice. This could be another site visit, photo evidence or another form of verification. Where items have been identified as needing to be rectified or completed, they must be sorted before works affected by these elements can progress.

Note: In some situations, the inspector may deem it appropriate to decide that no further inspections are allowed until the items identified on a site notice are rectified or completed and re-inspection called for of these items only. In these circumstances if you believe other works could progress, for example drainage which is not affected by the works identified on the site notice, then please contact us and discuss a progression proposal with the duty technical officer.

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I don’t agree with the inspection outcome - can I dispute this? Yes, you are able to dispute an outcome, contact us either on 0800 732 732 or email at

How do I know the outcome of an inspection? You can see a list of all inspections undertaken and the results under the Inspections tab in the Simpli portal. For more in -depth results, a site notice is emailed to selected contacts within24 hours of the inspection being completed.

I didn’t receive my site notice, can I get a copy? As long as you are a contact for the consent, simply contact the building department on 0800 732 732 or email