Pool inspections

For efficiency, Council inspectors will generally inspect all pools in a certain location on the same day/week. Council will endeavor to give you 72 hours’ notice of inspection, and you will be given a date and an approximate time for the inspection. 

You are not required to be there if the inspector can gain access to the pool area, but if the pool is inside or behind a locked gate you will need to be onsite to let the inspector have access.

The inspector will assess the pool barrier or small heated pool against the New Zealand Building Code – Section F9 - Restricting access to residential pools (external link) .

If everything is compliant they will pass the pool inspection. If the pool is a small heated pool it will be given a waiver from further inspections. If it was a fence/barrier that was passed, it will go onto a list to be re-inspected every three years.

If the pool has not passed an inspection, a site notice will be issued outlining what needs to be rectified and, depending on the item, it may be resolved via an email or a follow-up inspection.

If, after a reasonable period of time, the issue has not been resolved, a Notice to Fix may be issued and if there is still no further action, infringements may be issued.

The goal of the inspections is to ensure the safety of users in or around the pool and Council will help as best it can to help you make the pool safe.

Email us: building-cs@southlanddc.govt.nz

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What is the cost of a pool inspection? Please refer to our current fee schedule for the up to date price of the inspection.

Do I need to be there for the inspection? Not if the pool is able to be inspected without gaining entry to a locked area, but you can be onsite for the inspection if you want to be.

When will the pool be inspected? The inspector will advise the property owner at least 72 hours before coming out to an inspection. If there are set times or days the inspection can be undertaken, you should communicate that with Council when you have been notified of the inspection or beforehand so we can place the information against the pool file.

Why must the pool be inspected? It is now a legislative requirement under the Building Act 2004, that every three years pools must be inspected.

What happens if I fail an inspection? If you fail a pool inspection you will be issued a site notice which will outline all the areas which failed the inspection. The site notice might be able to be resolved via email or may require an additional inspection, this should be outlined in the site notice you receive.

The pool is inside, do I still need an inspection? Yes, inside pools have to meet requirements of the legislation which covers requirements for inside pools.

I’ve never had an inspection before, why now? It is possible your pool hasn’t had an inspection before, but the territorial authority must undertake an inspection to meet its requirements under the Building Act 2004