Resource Consent

The management of Southland's resources is key to the future of the province and Council, under the Resource Management Act 1991, is responsible for making sure all development in Southland is sustainable in terms of the natural and physical resources.

Any development, subdivision or other proposed use of a site must be assessed against the Council's District Plan, which contains rules about different types of activities in different parts of the District. Anything not permitted by the Plan requires a resource consent, which will be for either a land-use consent or a subdivision consent.

The District Plan is currently under review and decisions have been released on the Proposed District Plan. An appeal version of the Proposed Plan which highlights those provisions that are affected by appeals can be viewed here 

This should be reviewed to determine whether the Proposed Plan rules apply, or whether both plans need to be considered when determining whether an activity requires consent. Further details on the Proposed District Plan can also be found on the Proposed District Plan page.

The Operative District Plan 2001 and its maps can be found here

For advice on any issues surrounding land use and subdivision, or assistance with the Planning Documents please contact the Resource Management Team on 0800 732 732 or