Curio Bay Heritage Centre

The South Catlins Charitable Trust has been granted Resource Consent by independent hearings commissioner Allan Cubitt to construct a Heritage Centre at Curio Bay.

A hearing was held on February 2 2015.

Decision Documents

Decision of Hearing Commissioner - Letter [PDF, 80 KB]
Background & Reasons of Hearing Commissioner [PDF, 289 KB]
Conditions of Hearing Commissioner [PDF, 119 KB]

Pre-hearing Documents

Download the staff recommending report and appendices below:

Report to Hearing Commissioner [PDF, 2.2 MB]
Appendix 1 [PDF, 989 KB]
Appendix 2 [PDF, 21 MB]
Appendix 3 [PDF, 9.3 MB]
Appendix 4 [PDF, 887 KB]
Appendix 5 - Schedule of submitters [PDF, 603 KB]
Appendix 5 - Submissions [PDF, 11 MB]
Appendix 6 [PDF, 5.1 MB] 

  You can also view the following documents relating to the land use consent application, below.

Resource Consent Application - Amended Application [PDF, 13 MB]
Further Information - Land Use Consent [PDF, 4.7 MB]
Public Notice of Application Concerning Resource Consent [PDF, 197 KB]