If you want to subdivide land within the district you have to obtain a subdivision consent under the Resource Management Act 1991 from Council. Council's District Plan contains rules regarding: 

  • Where subdivision can occur in the district
  • How intensively the land can be subdivided

If you have a subdivision query, please contact one of our resource management staff to make an appointment to discuss this. They will provide you with information on some of the following issues that need to be considered when subdividing:

  • Natural or man-made hazards
  • Availability of reticulated water, sewerage and/or stormwater systems
  • Suitability and sufficient size for sustainable on-site effluent and wastewater disposal
  • Adjoinment to a watercourse
  • Sites of iwi or archaeological significance
  •  Identified buffer zones of existing sewerage ponds
  • Adjoinment to a State Highway
  • High voltage power supply lines
  • Known geological hazards
  • If the site receives water from any Council reticulated rural water supply schemes
  • If the proposed access arrangements are safe and adequate and whether any financial contribution towards road upgrading is likely to be required
  • If any development contribution payments are likely to be required towards water, sewerage and/or stormwater upgrading