Stormwater is the water that runs off surfaces such as roads, footpaths and rooftops and travels down gutters into sumps and then into a stormwater network.

Council manages 28 stormwater networks at Balfour, Browns, Colac Bay, Dipton, Edendale, Limehills-Centre Bush, Lumsden, Manapouri, Monowai, Mossburn, Nightcaps, Ohai, Orepuki, Otautau, Riversdale, Riverton, Stewart Island, Te Anau, Thornbury, Tokanui, Tuatapere, Waikaia, Waikawa, Wairio, Wallacetown, Winton, Woodlands and Wyndham.

Recent testing of stormwater outlets in some locations around Southland has identified raised levels of e-coli and ammoniacal nitrogen.

Under our consent conditions we test our stormwater outfalls annually and inspect them every six months.

While this is a rare occurrence, we are advising the public not to swim, fish or wade in these areas for health reasons while our staff carry out further investigations. Caution signs will remain in place during this time.