District Licensing Committee

Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, each council must have at least one District Licensing Committee (DLC) to consider alcohol licensing matters in its area.

The committee is made up of a chair and two members. The quorum of the committee is one for unopposed applications (which are dealt with by the chair), and three for opposed applications.


The Council currently has one District Licensing Committee:

Chairperson and also appointed to the combined list:

Cr Paul Duffy

Deputy chairperson

Mayor Gary Tong
Acts as chairperson if the chairperson is unable to act.


Cr Bret Highsted and Cr Darren Ludlow
Appointed at any time when the chairperson and deputy chairperson are unable to act.

Members, and also appointed to the combined list:

Cr George Harpur
Cr John Douglas

Combined list members:

The Southland District Council has a combined list of members with the Gore District Council and Invercargill City Council, as follows: 

Cr Paul Duffy, Cr George Harpur and Cr John Douglas from Southland District Council
Cr Rebecca Amundsen, Cr Darren Ludlow, Cr Toni Biddle and Cr Lindsay Abbott from Invercargill City Council
Gore District Council - to be advised


A District Licensing Committee will be formed by the GM – Environmental Services under delegated authority, when a quorum of three is required.

The appointment of members will depend on the application that the Committee is required to consider.

Southland District Licensing Secretary:

Matt Russell - Group Manager Infrastructure and Environmental Services