Annual & Financial Reports

Southland District Council's Annual Report for Alcohol is now available. The report details the work of the Southland District Licensing Committee, including initiatives, local alcohol policy, legislation and enforcement.

View the 2016 annual report here [PDF, 126 KB]

View the 2017 annual report here [PDF, 485 KB]

View the 2018 annual report here [PDF, 188 KB]

View the 2019 annual report here [PDF, 9.5 KB]

Income and Costs Report

Council must, each year, prepare and make publicly available a report showing its income from fees payable in relation to, and its costs incurred in:

(a) the performance of the functions of its licensing committee under the Act; and

(b) the performance of the functions of its inspectors under the Act; and

(c) undertaking enforcement activities under the Act. 

This is in accordance with Regulation 19 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Fees) Regulations 2013. 

See the 2019 Finance Report here [PDF, 209 KB]