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First Edition December 2022

First Edition December 2022

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First Edition April 2022

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First Edition December 2021

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First Edition April 2020

We were unable to print and distribute the April edition of First Edition because of the COVID-19 lockdown, so we published some of the featured content for you online, as well as highlights from previous editions.

Latest stories and First Editions

Leading work in this area and supporting the sharing of knowledge is Great South’s Carbon Neutral Advantage programme.

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The Waimumu event is always a great opportunity for people to get off the farm, get out of town and catch up with mates and organisations alike. 

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In December 2019, the Government launched Road to Zero: NZ’s road safety strategy 2020-2030. Maureen was thrilled to see a comprehensive plan developed to tackle the issue nationwide.

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The Riverton-Aparima community has embraced the chance to help plan the future of one of our District’s most iconic reserves.

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Applause for Riverton stalwartsRiverton stalwarts

There was smiles and cheers all around as power couple Nola and Stewart Fleck of Riverton received their Southland District Council Community Service Awards.

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It could have been worse

A Southland-wide state of emergency was declared on 4 February, a day after heavy rains led to to an emergency being declared in Fiordland.

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Communities rally in flood crisis 

Community resilience during a crisis was one of the overwhelming positives Angus McKay took out of Southland’s massive flooding in February.

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George Aitken honoured with memorial walk at Waikawa

While the humble George Aitken himself would have probably shied away from the spotlight, the Waikawa community remembered a special man recently.

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Capturing Southland’s rural heritage

Two minutes off the Invercargill-Riverton highway, nestled in the back streets of Thornbury, is one of New Zealand’s oldest vintage tractor clubs, the Thornbury Vintage Tractor & Implement Club, also known as the Thornbury Rural Heritage Centre.

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Planning for the future

Community boards throughout the District have started developing their respective plans.

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Up to code with Julie Conradi

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Kingston Flyer hero finds a home.

Garston has a permanent memorial to the king of the Kingston Flyer, the late Russell Glendinning.

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Locos at Lumsden

A remarkable heavy lifting operation happened at Lumsden in January and February when the Lumsden Heritage Trust co-ordinated the recovery of two 19th century steam trains from their watery grave near Lumsden.

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First Edition December 2019

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First Edition September 2019

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First Edition June 2019

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First Edition March 2019

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