Food Businesses

Most food businesses need to be registered with the Council, for example, restaurants, cafés, pubs, takeaways, and dairies. 

If you want to open a new food business or purchase an existing food business you need to get in touch with Council’s environmental health team

Read detailed information about food safety laws here (external link)

Application forms

Application for registration

Download an application form to register your food business [PDF, 305 KB].

If you are applying for multi-site registration, you also need to complete the multiple site food business details form [PDF, 104 KB].

Changes to an existing business

Use the relevant form below for any of the following changes:

  • Surrender or suspension of registration
  • Any changes relating to:
    • the operator, contact person, or day-to-day manager
    • verification agency
    • scope of operations
    • multiple address details
    • any other changes.
  • Significant amendments to the food control plan or national programme.

Change to Food Control Plan under Food Act 2014 [PDF, 701 KB]

Change to registration information of a business subject to a national programme under Food Act 2014 [PDF, 647 KB]