Fundraising & community events

Check out our flyer on "What to think about when fundraising [PDF, 435 KB]". It contains information about alcohol at an event, the sale or provision of food, and raffles. 

Trading in a public place

Trading in a public place requires a licence. This applies to businesses such as mobile shops, a stall on a footpath or in a recreational area.

You do not need a licence for the following:

  • Any stall or stand operated by a recognised charitable organisation, or a not for profit community organisation
  • No licence is needed if the event is on private property
  • Any market, stall or stand which has a current approval under any other bylaw, legislation, resource consent, resolution of Council or written authorisation

Council has some approved sites where you can trade. Find out when and where you can operate here [PDF, 2 MB].

If you want to trade in a location that’s not pre-approved you will need to apply for approval. A licence to trade in a public place has conditions such as hours of trading and location.

Download an application form [PDF, 152 KB]                                                

If you’re unsure what to do or have questions contact us on 0800 732 732.

The sale of food

Information about the sale of food at fundraising and community events can be found on MPI's website's food safety section (external link) .

You may also need approval for the following:

  • A special licence to sell alcohol
  • A building consent for a large marquee
  • A resource consent if the event is not a permitted activity under the District Plan
  • Trading on a Council reserve

If you’re unsure what to do or have questions contact council on 0800 732 732.