Road Works & Closures

Road closures due to flooding: 7 December 2018

Some southern roads are still affected by flooding with five still closed, and some with signage out.

Taramoa-West Plains Road is closed, Heale Ridge Road (off Stirling Road) is closed due to a slip, but has some access for the farmers. Otapiri Gorge Road remains closed from Shand Road through to Mathews Road. Fleming Road and Mataura island Titiroa Road also remain closed.
All other roads are open but may still have some water on them or damage from the floods so drivers are asked to take care.

Remember to check the NZTA website for state highway conditions and other council websites for roads in their areas. Please check Emergency Management Southland’s website for a map of Southland with all road closures.

Southland road works and closures are listed in the table below. 

Please keep a look out for these and take care when travelling through work sites. Below are some of the roads in the District which are currently subject to work.


Road Works & Restrictions

Heale Ridge Road

Heale Ridge Road (off Stirling Road) is now closed due to a slip. 

Otapiri Gorge Road

Otapiri Gorge Road is closed between Shand and Matthews Roads because it has been washed out by heavy rain. Contractors are out at the road assessing it but it will be closed until further notice.

The Mataura Island-Titiroa bridge

The Mataura Island-Titiroa bridge has been closed, effective immediately, because of public safety concerns about its stability. 
The structure will be tested on 8 November  to assess its condition, after which a decision on the bridge’s future will be made. 

Colac Foreshore Road, Colac Bay

A section of this road has been temporarily closed to traffic for safety reasons due to continued damage from coastal erosion. Alternative access to the Colac Bay township is available via Colac Bay Rd, which runs off State Highway 99.

Chaslands Highway, Southern Scenic Route

The Chaslands Highway is open but traffic management, including a speed restriction, is in place. A 75-metre temporary road has been built after a section collapsed due to a massive slip. A tender has been awarded to Fulton Hogan for the repair of this section of road. The repair worksworks to reinstate the road is underway.


Benmore bridge

The Benmore bridge is closed because it is structurally unsound.

The nearest bridge is 8km to the north at Dipton East, and there is one 14km south at Centre Bush.