Road Works & Closures

Southland road works and closures are listed in the table below. 

Please keep a look out for these and take care when travelling through work sites. Below are some of the roads in the District which are currently subject to work.


Road Works & Restrictions

Supply Bay Road, Manapouri 

In accordance with the Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) Regulations 1965, notice is given Council will close Supply Bay Road, from Manapouri Te Anau Highway through to Lake Manapouri, between the hours of 5am to approx. 7pm on 10 August 2019 to allow pest control to be carried out. The purpose of the closure is to ensure public safety during the operation. If due to unforeseen circumstances the work cannot be carried out on the 10 August 2019, it will be carried out on another day prior to the end of September 2019, when conditions are suitable. A detour will not be available but the road will be reopened as soon as safely possible in the event of an emergency.

Harbour Endowment Road, South Hillend

Council will close Harbour Endowment Road, from Hishon Road to Pike Road, to normal traffic between the hours of 8am Monday 19 August until 5pm Wednesday 21 August 2019. The purpose of the closure is to enable bridge 2373.002 deck repairs to be carried out. A detour will be available via Langford and Pike Roads.

Richard Street, Riverton 

Council will close Richard Street, from Church Street to Union Street, in Riverton to normal traffic between 9am and 4pm on Tuesday, 6 August, 2019. This will enable the removal of trees. A detour will be available via Church Street, Brook Street and Union Street.

Scrubby Hill Road

Council will close Scrubby Hill Road from Waikawa Valley Road to Buckingham Road to through traffic between 8am and 5pm daily from Monday 29 July 2019 until Friday 30 August 2019.  The road will be reopened daily overnight from 5pm until 8am the next day. The purpose of the closure is to enable work to be carried out on the bridge. A detour will be available via Waikawa Valley Road and Buckingham Road.

Old Snow Pole Track 

Council will temporary close and prohibit traffic for the section of road commencing at the point where Old Snow Pole Track joins Canton Road and continuing along that section of Old Snow Pole Track to the boundary of the Southland District Council with the Central Otago District Council. The period of closure is from 1 June 2019 to 26 October 2019. The track is closed because the use of that section of road under winter climate conditions may cause damage to the road.

Evans Road bridge near Woodlands Closed because it is structurally unsound.
Channel Road bridge

The Channel Road bridge at Springhills is closed as a result of floodwater eroding gravel around the abutments as well as the piles appearing to have moved. Detours are available via the state highway. 

Heale Ridge Road

Heale Ridge Road (off Stirling Road) is now closed due to a slip. 

The Mataura Island-Titiroa bridge

The Mataura Island-Titiroa bridge has been closed, effective immediately, because of public safety concerns about its stability. 
The structure will be tested on 8 November to assess its condition, after which a decision on the bridge’s future will be made. 

Colac Foreshore Road, Colac Bay

A section of this road has been temporarily closed to traffic for safety reasons due to continued damage from coastal erosion. Alternative access to the Colac Bay township is available via Colac Bay Rd, which runs off State Highway 99.

Benmore Bridge

The Benmore bridge is closed because it is structurally unsound. The nearest bridge is 8km to the north at Dipton East, and there is one 14km south at Centre Bush.