Road Works & Closures

Southland road works and closures are listed in the table below. 

Please keep a look out for these and take care when travelling through work sites. Below are some of the roads in the District which are currently subject to work.


Road Works & Restrictions

Lillburn Valley Road

Lillburn Valley Road will be closed to normal traffic for daylight hours from 5am Monday 3 February to approximately 7pm on Wednesday 5 February 2020 to allow a pest control operation to be carried out. If the work cannot be done on 3 February, it will proceed during another suitable weather period prior to 30 April 2020. A detour will not be available but the road will be manned and reopened as soon as possible in the event of an emergency.

Mararoa Road bridge Mararoa Road bridge is being replaced and will be closed from Tuesday 15 of October until February 2020.
Cook Road (Waituna) bridge Following scheduled structural inspections on the bridge, the weight limit posting on the bridge has been reduced from 60% of class 1 to 15% of class 1, effective immediately, as it is unsafe for heavy vehicles.
This means it is open to light vehicles only.
McLeish Road bridge at Drummond

McLeish Road bridge at Drummond has been closed effective immediately, due to the poor condition of its timber elements and the risk this poses to public safety.

Colac Foreshore Road, Colac Bay

A section of this road has been closed to traffic for safety reasons due to continued damage from coastal erosion. Alternative access to the Colac Bay township is available via Colac Bay Rd, which runs off State Highway 99.

Benmore Bridge

The Benmore bridge is closed because it is structurally unsound. The nearest bridge is 8km to the north at Dipton East, and there is one 14km south at Centre Bush.