Road works & closures

Please keep a look out for these and take care when travelling through work sites. Below are some of the roads and bridges in the District which are currently subject to work.



Road works & Restrictions

Piano Flat Road/Whitecoomb Road

18 January: Piano Flat Road/Whitecoomb Road north of the Piano Flat camping ground has been closed temporarily while we investigate a number of trees that are about to come down and some washouts on the track following the recent flooding. With snow predicted midweek it is likely to be the end of the week, at the earliest, before the road can be reopened.

Channel Road

15 January: Unfortunately we have had to close Channel Road at Springhills to through traffic. A lot of material has been scoured out of the riverbed beneath the bridge during the recent flooding event and the river is still too high to accurately assess the situation. Drivers have the option of a detour from State Highway 96 (the Winton-Hedgehope highway) on Sharks Tooth Road to Springhills-Tussock Creek Road. We will re-assess the situation next week.

Milton St Riverton

Milton St Riverton temporarily closed from 14 December 2020.

McLean Road

Work to replace a culvert damaged by flooding on McLean Road, near the intersection with Nevis Road, has been postponed until next Monday and Tuesday, 25 and 26 January 2021.
McLean Road will be closed while this work is being carried out.

Ellis Road

Reinstatement of the road has been on hold until flood protection work has been completed. The section is under 30km speed restriction until further notice. For more information please contact the Transport Team on 0800 732 732

Old Snow Pole Track closed during winter

In accordance with Section 342(1)(b) of the Local Government Act 1974 and clause 13 of the Tenth Schedule, notice is given Council will temporarily close and prohibit traffic using the section of road starting where Old Snow Pole Track joins Canton Road, and continuing along that section of Old Snow Pole Track to the boundary of the Southland District Council with the Central Otago District Council, from 29 May 2021 to 23 October 2021. This is due to climatic conditions which may cause damage to the road if it is used.

The prohibition applies to all motor vehicles. It will be an offence for any unauthorised vehicle to use the above-described section of road during the period of prohibition. Authorised vehicles are those belonging to adjacent run holders and those who have received written authorisation after a special application to Council.

Colac Foreshore Road, Colac Bay

A section of this road has been closed to traffic for safety reasons due to continued damage from coastal erosion. Alternative access to the Colac Bay township is available via Colac Bay Rd, which runs off State Highway 99.



Road works & Restrictions

Dipton Mossburn Road Bridge No 4

The Bailey bridge installation on Dipton Mossburn Road has been completed and is open to traffic up to class one.

Please note that the road layout is slightly different and that the Bailey bridge is 3.2m wide, about 1m narrower than the old bridge.

We understand that some farm vehicles will not fit over the Bailey bridge.

For all enquires, or if you wish to clarify any information, please contact Southland District Council’s transport team on 0800 732 732.

Benmore Road Bridge

The bridge over the Oreti river has been demolished.

Waianiwa rail overbridge

A structural assessment of the Waianiwa rail overbridge on Argyle Otahuti Road indicates the structure is nearing the end of its life. To prolong the life of the bridge until it can be replaced, Southland District Council is posting a 3,500kg weight limit on it, which means it can be used by light vehicles only.

Private vehicles up to the size of a ute and trailer will still be able to cross the bridge safely.

Signage advising of the posting will be installed next week.

A detour for heavier vehicles is available via Waianiwa Oporo Road, Oporo Flat Road and Lincoln Road.

We expect these restrictions to remain in place until a new bridge can be constructed.

Although the overbridge was not previously posted it was earmarked for replacement within the next 10 years. We anticipate bringing the replacement forward and completing this work within the next 24 months.

Thompson Crossing Road West bridge

Winton is closed

Welsh Road bridge

Winton is closed

Scott Road bridge

Hokonui is closed

McLeish Road bridge at Drummond

Is closed.