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01 Aug 2023

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Current High Workload

We are currently experiencing a high volume of work coming through the door. This is affecting our timeframes. We have implemented some changes within the team to try and catch up on processing of consents. We really appreciate your patience at this time. If you have any concerns about when your consent will be processed, please email us at building-cs@southlanddc.govt.nz.

Project Information Memorandum (PIM)

We are embarking on a promotion for the use of PIMs prior to any building work starting. A PIM is a great way to get useful information to the customer prior to applying for a building consent. We can tell you about any special land features such as erosion or subsidence, and details of nearby water supply, stormwater or wastewater (sewerage) utility systems, as well as any additional approvals that would be required in your build, for instance, through the Resource Management Act, Heritage New Zealand or Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

While there is a charge of $284 for a residential PIM and $536 for commercial/industrial, we believe that this could save money and time up front by getting all relevant information pertaining to a build. Please talk to your customers about applying for a PIM prior to applying for building consent.

Owner Contact Information

When we went through our audit earlier this year, it was found that we were often allowing application forms in with incorrect contact information for owners. It was found that the email address was often the Agents and sometimes the phone number was also matching the Agent’s. Due to this finding, any application form received with incorrect contact information for the Owner will be returned as an RFI for you to correct. These forms are a legal document and as such must be completed accurately.

Staff Changes

We would like to congratulate Angus McIntyre for his promotion to Technical Lead Building Solutions. This is a fantastic step for Angus and I’m sure you will all benefit from his technical expertise being utilised to train staff and being available for more complex reviews.

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