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01 Jun 2023

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Inspections fully booked

We are currently experiencing a high volume of inspection requests. We have also had a run on CCC applications which means that we are backlogging final inspections. Inspections that could potentially hold up building work will be prioritised first. This week is already fully booked and next week is a short week so we expect that this will fill up in the next day or two. If you have any concerns about when your inspection is taking place, please email us at building-cs@southlanddc.govt.nz

CCC process change

This week we have moved the processing of our CCC applications into GoGet to fall in line with our building consent applications and give some consistency as to how we receive and disseminate requests for information. This will also have an impact as to how we ask for information on final inspections. You will be emailed a site inspection notice but once the inspector is back in the office you will receive the failed items via Simpli for you to respond to. Please do not email information through.

You may also notice a change with the ability to book inspections where you may not have provided sufficient information to pass the previous inspection. If you have a failed inspection, you may need to remedy the failed items before you can book your next inspection. This will include ensuring that any documentation asked for is provided and any remedial works to bring the work in line with the consented documentation is completed. This will help provide a better service when it comes to the application of the CCC. If all required information is provided along the way when requested, then the CCC will be a more simple, efficient process to get through.
If we require further documentation/photos, you will receive an RFI through the Simpli portal requesting this information. Please do not email information to us if we have asked for it using Simpli.

Building team out in the district

We have kicked off our district outings and have already seen a number of people in our district offices and have been able to provide 1-1 help on site for them.
If you have customers, or if you would like to pop in for any queries, please do so, we would love to see you. https://www.southlanddc.govt.nz/news-and-public-notices/news/the-building-team-is-out-in-the-district/

NIWA Map Updates

You may be interested in the new projected Sea Level Rise indications that NIWA have done recently.  To read about the projected patterns and find our local map go to NIWA - https://niwa.co.nz/news/new-maps-reveal-places-at-risk-from-sea-level-rise

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