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01 May 2023

bulb meadow with house

Hopefully those of you participating in duckshooting weekend had a ‘blast’ and that it was a weekend of fun and frivolity. There were definitely a few out from what I could hear from my backyard.

Final inspections

Due to some system changes, you may have received an acknowledgement letter advising that your CCC application has been accepted and that we will be in contact soon to book your final inspection. Based on an increase of these applications and the system changes, there could be some delays of when these take place. Please be patient as we slowly work through these bookings.

Online bookings for inspections

You will have noticed a change in the types of inspections that you can book on our website. This change has brought the inspection types in line with those that will be listed on your Building Consent. This should make it easier for you to identify what is required to be inspected. Please ensure when making your booking that you have the full building consent number handy so we can find your build easier ie. BLD/2023/123456/1.

Book and inspection

Building team out in the district

We will be getting out and about into our district offices to bring building closer to you. Below is a roster of when and where we will be. If you would like to set up a specific time on any of these dates, please email building-cs@southlanddc.govt.nz or feel free to just pop in and see us.

Office location May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov
Wyndham Wed 10, 2pm-4pm   Wed 5 2pm-4pm   Wed 6, 2pm-4pm    Wed 1, 2pm-4pm
Winton   Thur 1, 10am-2pm   Thur 3, 10am-2pm    Thur 5, 10am-2pm   
Riverton Thu 18, 10am-2pm   Thu 13, 10am-2pm    Thu 14, 10am-2pm    Thu 16, 10am-2pm 
Otautau   Tue 20, 9am-3pm   Tue 22, 9am-3pm    Tue 24, 9am-3pm   
Lumsden Wed 24, 10am-2pm   Wed 26, 10am-2pm   Wed 27, 10am-2pm   Wed 29, 10am-2pm
Te Anau   Wed 7, 10.30 - 2.30pm   Wed 9, 10.30 - 2.30pm   Wed 11, 10.30 - 2.30pm  

New rules for H1- Energy Efficiency are now in force

As you will be aware, in 2021 MBIE updated the New Zealand Building Code, which included an update to H1 – Energy Efficiency.

The changes to the insulation requirements represent a first step for MBIE's Building for Climate Change programme. The changes aim to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat new buildings and help make them warmer, drier and healthier, with less impact on the environment.

The targeted reduction for residential buildings is approximately 40% and for non-residential buildings, the targeted reduction of the energy use is 23%.

Following public consultation, and in recognition of pressure on the residential construction sector, MBIE extended the time to comply with new wall, floor and roof insulation requirements for housing by six months.

The first phase of implementation began on Thursday 3 November 2022, while a further set of requirements began on 1 May 2023, with window and door insulation requirements having a staged implementation process dependant on which Climate Zone the building is located in.

From 1 May 2023 new building work in homes must meet the new wall, floor, and roof insulation performance requirements.

From 1 May 2023 in Climate Zones 3-6 (Southland is Climate Zone 6), all windows and doors in new housing will be required to meet the increased performance levels.

The new minimum construction R values for building elements that do not contain embedded heating systems for Southland (Climate Zone 6) are as follows;

  • Roof R6.6
  • Wall R2.0
  • Floor (Slab on ground) – R1.7
  • Floor (other than slab on ground) – R3.0
  • Windows and Doors - R0.50
  • Skylights – R0.62

All building consent applications received after 1 May by Southland District Council will be assessed to the new H1 Energy Efficiency performance requirements.

The amended Fifth Editions of Acceptable Solution H1/AS1 and Verification Method H1/VM1 were published on 4 August 2022, and are available on the MBIE website. (www.building.govt.nz).

Changes to retention money requirements

On 30 March 2023, the government passed new legislation to give subcontractors confidence they will be paid the retention money that they are owed, should a head contractor’s business fail. This is a fantastic change to the Act and we encourage you to read up on what this means by heading to the building performance website Building Performance - Changes to retention money requirements.

Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board Licensing

Hopefully you’ve already renewed your licence as this was due on 31 March. If not, then you can renew your licence by logging into your Trade Log in or via the app. For more information: License Renewal.

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