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15 Dec 2023

automatic lawn sprinkler watering green grass sprinkler with automatic system garden irrigation system watering lawn water saving water conservation from sprinkler system

Southland District Council has imposed a ban on unattended water sprinklers. The ban is effective from midnight tonight.

Strategic manager water and waste Grant Isaacs said that while NIWA was predicting a slightly wetter summer this year, it was important to remember that SDC’s facilities can only produce so much water so Southland district consumers needed to get ready now by conserving water as much as possible.

From midnight tonight, Southland District Council will be moving to stage two water restrictions. This means there will be a ban on unattended sprinklers, and hand-held watering will be allowed only between 7pm and 7am.

Water carriers will have flow restrictions applied.

“If we all play our part in conserving water, we'll have a better chance of getting through the summer without the need to impose more stringent restrictions,” Mr Isaacs said.

He asked Southland district residents to report any leaks to SDC on 0800 732 732 or on Council’s website: southlanddc.govt.nz/services/do-it-online/requests-and-feedback/

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