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19 Oct 2023

If you have a builder available to begin your building work before the Christmas/New Year period please make sure you phone us and let us know!

There's a lot of work coming through the door and we're not able to process all consents to the required 20-day timeframe. Our No 1 priority is keeping building work going as fast as possible, so please let us know with some advance warning if you have a hard deadline for your building consent to be issued by and we will do all we can to help you get it done.

Please note that the period from 20 December 2023 to the close of 10 January 2024 is excluded from the 20-working-day period for all councils that process under a statutory clock. This applies to both Building Consents and Code Compliance Certificates.

We have a specified closedown period over Christmas. This means that any applications submitted on or after Wednesday 20 December may not begin to be processed until 8 January 2024.

Our team processes applications as quickly as possible. However, we expect an influx in the lead-up to the summer break.

Please remember that it’s important that your application has all the required information to ensure there are no delays in processing.

If you need to chat about the timing of your consent please give the building team a call on 0800 732 732.

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