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09 Oct 2023

A number of users have not presented payment tickets to the attendant at the Wallacetown greenwaste site in the past month. We know that the cost of dumping greenwaste is irritating for customers, but Council pays waste levies, attendant and maintenance costs on this site. It is not free for Council to keep the site open and no profit is made.

Due to recent flouting of the ticketing system, there will be a gate installed in time for next Sunday’s opening (15 October), which will only be opened to those who present their tickets. The site is only open on Sundays 3pm to 5pm.

Please do the right thing and purchase your tickets from Murphy’s Dairy (56 Dalry Street) or the SDC office in Invercargill (15 Forth Street) to prevent extra costs to the ratepayers.

Ticket pricing is as follows:
Car boot load: $10
Ute and small trailers: $26
Tandem trailer/high-side trailer: $42.

Items accepted are: Greenwaste: separated clean green waste excluding soils, stones and other debris, flaxes, cabbage trees, branches over 150mm diameter and tree stumps. Dumping of greenwaste is not free and fines/enforcement action will be taken if you are caught.

Please remember that fees are payable (by tickets) to dispose of your greenwaste. Tickets are available at the Murphy’s Dairy (56 Dalry Street, Wallacetown) or at the SDC office in Invercargill (15 Forth Street).

Thank you to those who are paying for their tickets and using this system properly.

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