Environment Southland's regulations regarding dust suppression have changed and applying oil to gravel roads is no longer allowed without a resource consent from Environment Southland.

Under the Environment Southland Proposed Southland Water and Land Plan (2018), only dust suppressants approved under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HASNO) Act 1996 can be used without a permit from Environment Southland.

In Southland, the only HASNO-approved product available is Road Dust Control, which is produced by Gravel Lock NZ Limited. The company EnviroSouth (2015) Limited is the sole distributor in Southland of the Road Dust Control product.

No consent is required by Environment Southland for use of this product. However, a permit is required from Southland District Council, the roading authority. To apply for a permit please complete the dust suppression application form

To get a permit from Southland District Council you will need to provide evidence that you have public liability insurance and a traffic management plan for application of the dust suppressant product. When you receive a permit you will also receive current 2023/2024 signage which will indicate to contractors not to grade your treated section of road.

The Ministry for the Environment recommends controlling dust emissions using natural procedures including: application of water, revegetation of exposed surfaces, surface improvements, speed control and wind reduction controls.

Further information is available from the Ministry of Environment Good Practice Guide to Assessing and Managing the Environmental Effects of Dust Emissions. For help with the application please contact us during business hours on 0800 732 732.

25 March 2024

Application for dust suppression