What kind of approval do I need?

Trading in a public place requires a licence. This applies to businesses such as mobile shops, a stall on a footpath or in a recreational area. You do not need a licence for the following:

  • Any stall or stand operated by a recognised charitable organisation, or a not for profit community organisation
  • any event on private property
  • any market, stall or stand which has a current approval under any other bylaw, legislation, resource consent, resolution of Council or written authorisation.

Selling in a public place

All trading in public place licenses authorise the following:

  • Street sides - up to two hours before moving to another location, you can’t trade within the CBD of any town.
  • approved sites - at any time during daylight hours at any approved site (see “approved sites where you can trade” below)
  • Council reserve land during an organized event. Examples are parks and sporting grounds.

Licenses are subject to conditions, for example, trading during daylight hours only.

To apply, complete and return the application to trade in public places.

Council has some approved sites where you can trade. If you want to trade in a location that is not pre-approved you will need to apply for approval. A licence to trade in a public place has conditions such as hours of trading and location.

Existing businesses

If you are taking over an existing business that trades in a public place, you will need to apply for a new licence because licenses are not transferable.

Other Council approvals may be required

Depending on business activities you may need a resource consent or a building consent. If you are planning to serve alcohol please refer to the selling alcohol page on this website.

If you are thinking of selling food please refer to the food businesses page on this site. If you want to trade on a Council reserve please ring us on 0800 732 732 and ask to speak to somebody in the property team.

Fees and charges that are required for registration:

  • Registration
  • renewing the registration.

Follow the link below to the fees and charges page on our website.

Contact us

Before opening a new business for trading in a public place, call us on 0800 732 732 and ask for our Environmental Health Team so we can walk you through the process.