Alcohol and manager's certificates

A certified manager must be on duty at all times when alcohol is being sold or supplied to the public. There are some exceptions, particularly in regard to small special licences and endorsed licences. If the certified manager is ill, absent, dismissed or has resigned, a licensee can appoint a temporary or acting manager. The District Licensing Committee and police must be notified by submitting a notice of appointment form. Clubs must appoint at least one manager who holds a manager's certificate.

9 February 2023

Application forms for managers certificates

Please note that renewal application forms are automatically sent two months before they are due for renewal.

Applying for a manager's certificate

Before applying for a manager’s certificate you must:

  • have attended and passed an alcohol licensing course. You also must have applied for a licensed controller qualification and have supplied a photocopy of this with your application
  • have at least three to six months experience of working in licensed premises