If you would like to extend your dining area to the public space in front of your premises, you will need an Alfresco Dining licence.

Alfresco dining guidelines

If you would like to extend your dining area to the public space in front of your premises, you will need an Alfresco Dining licence.

You must have a current food registration before an Alfresco Dining licence can be issued or renewed.
Details on how to apply can be found on the food page.

Here is a checklist of our requirements:

  • Completed Alfresco Dining licence application form
  • Payment of the application fee 
    • Refer to our Fees and Charges for the application fee
    • Refer to the application form for instructions on how to make a payment
  • Plan showing the area of alfresco dining occupation drawn to scale with measurements in meters squared (m²). This is to include:
    • Property boundary including entrances, fire exits and evacuation plan
    • Proximity to adjacent premises
    • Vicinity of bus stops, crossings, Council owned trees or furniture, service lanes, etc
    • Alfresco dining and associated street furniture being confined to the area directly outside the premises and within the licensed areas
    • Location of dining furniture, heating devices and any other furniture or plants (with a minimum unobstructed clearance of 1.5 meters around the alfresco dining area for pedestrian use at all times)
  • Letter of support obtained from the adjoining business owners or lessees
  • Date stamped floorplan, if you hold a current alcohol licence
  • Evidence of public liability insurance cover for a minimum of $1,000,000
  • Photo or image of area to occupy
  • Proof of a current food registration
  • Proof of a valid alcohol licence (if applicable)
  • Proposed hours of operation

Full details about alfresco dining are in the Trading in Public Places Bylaw 2023

It is recommended that applicants familiarise themselves with our Smoke/Vape Free Open Spaces Policy 2023

Alfresco schedule of fees and charges is available here.

A full schedule of Southland District Council’s fees and charges is available here

One year unless withdrawn earlier by Council.  If the licence holder wants to continue use of the area after the expiry date, a renewal is to be applied for prior to expiry.

So that the business is covered in the event of a liability claim from an incident in the licensed area, as Council does not indemnify private business operations.

When alcohol licences are issued there is a licensed premises floorplan that is date stamped and referred to in the licence. This shows the area that is covered by the alcohol licence. If you hold an alcohol licence you may need to update the floorplan to cover the new alfresco dining area.

To update your floorplan you will need to submit a variation application (with a new licenced premises floorplan) to the Southland District Licensing Committee.

Alcohol must not be consumed outdoors unless the area is covered by the alcohol licence and an Alfresco Dining licence has been issued.

For more information about this process please contact the environmental services coordinator on 0800 732 732 or email alcohol@southlanddc.govt.nz

For advice on applying for an Alfresco Dining licence or making changes to an existing licence please contact:


Email health@southlanddc.govt.nz

Phone 0800 732 732


Email alcohol@southlanddc.govt.nz

Phone 0800 732 732