Southland District Libraries provides a Mobile Library service, operating on a four-weekly schedule.

The Mobile Library covers 50 stops across the district and offers a selection of fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults, as well as large print, audiobooks, jigsaws, and magazines for all ages.

Staff can take requests for items not on the bus and deliver them as they become available.

* denotes public holidays

Town Location Time Day Dates
Athol Shop Noon-1pm Tue 17-Jan 14-Feb 14-Mar *
Balfour Tavern 4:30-5.00pm Tue * 31-Jan 28-Feb 28-Mar
Balfour Tavern 1.30-3.00pm Thu 19-Jan 16-Feb 16-Mar 13-Apr
Blackmount Wairaki Stn 11.30am-12.15pm Mon 16-Jan 13-Feb 13-Mar *
Dacre Hall 9.00-10.00am Fri - 3-Feb 3-Mar 31-Mar
Dipton School 11.00am-Noon Tue * 31-Jan 28-Feb 28-Mar
Drummond School 10.30am-Noon Wed - 1-Feb 1-Mar 29-Mar
Edendale School 10.30am-Noon Fri - 3-Feb 3-Mar 31-Mar
Edendale Car park 1.00-4.00pm Fri 20-Jan 17-Feb 17-Mar 14-Apr
Fortrose Picnic Area 3.00-4.00pm Fri - 3-Feb 3-Mar 31-Mar
Garston School 1.30-2.30pm Tue 17-Jan 14-Feb 14-Mar *
Garston Village 2.30-3.30pm Tue 17-Jan 14-Feb 14-Mar *
Glenham School 1.00-1.30pm Fri - 3-Feb 3-Mar 31-Mar
Gorge Rd Hall 11am-12.30pm Tue - 7-Feb 7-Mar 4-Apr
Hauroko Valley School 1.00-1.30pm Mon 16-Jan 13-Feb 13-Mar *
Heddon Bush School 1.30-2.30pm Wed - 1-Feb 1-Mar 29-Mar
Hedgehope School 11am-12.30pm Fri - 27-Jan 24-Feb 24-Mar
Hillside School School 9.15am-10.00am Thu - 26-Jan 23-Feb 23-Mar
Invercargill SDC Office 9.30-11.30am Thu - 9-Feb 9-Mar 6-Apr
Limehills School 1.30pm-2.30pm Thu - 26-Jan 23-Feb 23-Mar
Longbush Kindergarten 9.00-10.00am Fri 20-Jan 17-Feb 17-Mar 14-Apr
Mossburn School 1.30-3.00pm Tue * 31-Jan 28-Feb 28-Mar
Mossburn RSA 9.30-10.30am Tue 17-Jan 14-Feb 14-Mar *
Nightcaps Johnston Rd 9.30-10.30am Mon 16-Jan 13-Feb 13-Mar *
Ohai Com Centre 11am-Noon Thu - 26-Jan 23-Feb 23-Mar
Orepuki Main St 3.00-4.00pm Mon 16-Jan 13-Feb 13-Mar *
Otara Hall 2.30-4.00pm Wed - 8-Feb 8-Mar 5-Apr
Pukerau School 9.30-11.30am Wed 18-Jan 15-Feb 15-Mar 12-Apr
Rimu School 10.30-11.30am Fri 20-Jan 17-Feb 17-Mar 14-Apr
Riversdale Com Centre 2.00pm-4pm Thu - 2-Feb 2-Mar 30-Mar
Riversdale Com Centre 11am-12.30pm Thu 19-Jan 16-Feb 16-Mar 13-Apr
Riverton BUPA Village 2.00-4.00pm Thu - 9-Feb 9-Mar 6-Apr
Roslyn Bush Playcentre 9.15-10.00am Tue - 7-Feb 7-Mar 4-Apr
Ryal Bush Com Centre 2.30-4.00pm Fri - 27-Jan 24-Feb 24-Mar
Te Tipua School 9.30-10.30am Fri - 27-Jan 24-Feb 24-Mar
Thornbury School 1.00-2.00pm Wed - 25-Jan 22-Feb 22-Mar
Tokanui School 9.30-11am Mon * 30-Jan 27-Feb 27-Mar
Tokanui Main St 1.30-4.00pm Fri - 10-Feb 10-Mar *
Waianiwa Hall 3.00-4.00pm Wed - 25-Jan 22-Feb 22-Mar
Waikaia Com Centre 10.15-11.30am Thu - 2-Feb 2-Mar 30-Mar
Waikaia School 9.00-10.30am Thu 19-Jan 16-Feb 16-Mar 13-Apr
Waikaka Com Centre 2.00-4.00pm Wed 18-Jan 15-Feb 15-Mar 12-Apr
Waikawa Hall 10am-Noon Fri - 10-Feb 10-Mar *
Waimahaka Hall 11.30am-1.00pm Wed - 8-Feb 8-Mar 5-Apr
Wallacetown Com Centre 9.00am-10.00am Wed - 25-Jan 22-Feb 22-Mar
Wallacetown School 10.10am-11.30am Wed - 25-Jan 22-Feb 22-Mar
Wendon Hall Noon-12.30pm Thu - 2-Feb 2-Mar 30-Mar
Wendonside Hall 9.30-10.00am Thu - 2-Feb 2-Mar 30-Mar
Woodlands School 2.00-4.00pm Mon * 30-Jan 27-Feb 27-Mar
Woodlands Shop 2.00-4.00pm Tue - 7-Feb 7-Mar 4-Apr