Southland District Dog Control Review

Southland District Council is reviewing its Dog Control Bylaw and Dog Control Policy and is consulting on a draft policy and bylaw that provide a new direction for Dog Control in the District.

Council wants to know what you think. The policy and bylaw are the legal documents that Council uses for the control of dogs, such as the promotion of responsible dog ownership, making local dog control laws, and deciding how dog registration fees will be set.
Council believes serious dog attacks are totally unacceptable, and that the public expects to be safe from dogs in public places and at home, and not be affected by nuisances from dogs. The District has about one reported dog attack a week, most being attacks on other dogs and animals.

Council is aware that residents are particularly concerned about wandering dogs and irresponsible owners. This review is taking the opportunity to make changes to policy and bylaw to reflect the expectations of residents.

View the Statement of Proposal [PDF, 282 KB]

Download a copy of the proposed bylaw [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Download a copy of the proposed policy [PDF, 1.6 MB]

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Southland District Dog Control Review

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Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Hearing

The Oreti River section of Stage Two of the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail has been granted a resource consent by an independent commissioner.

A resource consent hearing was held from 2-5 February 2015 before Commissioner Denis Nugent.

In his decision the Commissioner said “I conclude that the adverse effects on the environment from the application overall would be less than minor, and such effects would be balanced or outweighed by the positive benefits to the Southland community of constructing the trail.”

The proposal received 232 submissions, with 89 submissions in support, 5 neutral and 138 in opposition. 

Submitters can appeal the decision, and have 15 working days from the date they receive the decision to do so.

Consent was sought to construct and use a cycle trail, construct seven bridges and an underpass, to extract gravel from five sites and to construct culverts and boardwalks within road reserve.

Two resource consents were sought, one from Southland District Council and one from Environment Southland.

Forty-seven conditions have been placed on the consents (26 on SDC and 21 on ES). These conditions include the requirement for an Environmental Management Plan to be submitted prior to construction and that all disturbed ground (with the exception of two gravel extraction sites on Landcorp property) must be reinstated.

View the decision here [PDF, 5 MB]


Around 30 kilometres of proposed trail near the upper Oreti River and Centre Hill Road needed resource consents from Environment Southland and Southland District Council before construction could go ahead.

Consent had been sought in 2012 but a commissioner declined consent for that section due to concerns around river works and their effects on the ecology, river and amenity.

There are two significant changes; with a new lower and longer bridge over a section of the Oreti River, rather than an originally proposed suspension bridge. This has been designed to have a lesser impact visually and on the river and surroundings.

The other major change is to the proposed path the trail would take, moving it away from the river. Proposed groynes have also been removed from the proposal. 

View documents relating to Stage Two of the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail & the hearing (external link)  

Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Hearing


Repairs & works in Southland District

Southland District Council is responsible for public water and waste infrastructure in the Southland District.

This means Council will be required to undertake repairs and maintenance work from time to time. View emergency & planned works here

Council is also responsible for managing nearly 5000km of roads throughout Southland. This means road works to repair and maintain our roads. View current road works & closures here



Repairs & works in Southland District