Find out about free microchipping.  

Microchipping timetable

A microchip carries a unique number and responds to a scanner so if your dog is lost, stolen or has escaped or strayed, it can be easily identified. All dogs registered with Southland District Council can access free microchipping. All dogs are required to be microchipped, other than dogs used mainly for herding or driving stock. Microchipping does not replace dog registration.

All dogs eligible to be registered with Southland District Council can be microchipped for free. All dogs must be registered by three months of age.


Area Nov 23 Dec 23 Feb 23
Invercargill Office (car park) none Wed 6,
Otautau office (at rear) Tue 7, 11.30–12pm none Tue 6, 11.30–12pm
Lumsden (railway station) Wed 8, 11.30–12pm none Wed 7, 11.30–12pm
Riverton office Thu 9, 11.30–12pm none Thu 8, 11.30–12pm
Winton (opposite SDC office) none Tue 5,
Te Anau office (at rear) Thu 16, 11.30–12pm none Thu 15, 11.30–12pm
Wyndham office (at rear) none Mon 11,