If you own one or more properties with a shared boundary and use them jointly as a single unit you may be able to get a review on your rates under “contiguous” status.

Common examples include a house with a large garden or farming land all used for same farm.

To be considered for contiguous status the properties must meet the following criteria:

  • they must have common ownership i.e. the names on the titles must match exactly
  • they must be contiguous (or separated only by a road, railway, drain or river)
  • they must be used jointly as a single unit.

On a contiguous property, we will apply the same rates that would have applied if they had been rated as a single unit. For example, the Uniform Annual General Charge would only be charged once on the main rating unit.

Please Note: An application does not take effect until the following rating year. For example, an application to make a property contiguous to another property made in December will not take effect until 1 July the following year.

If you think you may have a property which is contiguous to your other property/ies please send an email to Rates@southlanddc.govt.nz or contact the finance team on 0800 732 732 to discuss.”