Hair salon in vehicle

If your salon is to be located in a movable vehicle and not permanently connected to services, it may be considered not to be a building and therefore not require a building consent. However, there may still be building work required on the property for installing a connection point to a foul sewer drainage system/holding tank or water connection for potable water/back flow protection device. Any of these things may require a building consent depending on the situation.

Installing a small scale, home-based or residential hair salon

Common information we may require for a building consent for a home-based salon includes:

  • how may people intend on using the salon, including customers and employees, at any one time as this will affect how you will need to comply with the building code
  • information on how you intend to provide facilities or access for people with disabilities to use your salon (are accessible access and facilities to be provided on site or are you intending on visiting these customers in their own homes?)
  • information on what chemicals are likely to be discharged to the foul water system (washed down sinks during treatments) or do you intend on doing hair cuts only?
  • information on your existing foul sewer drainage system (are you connected to Council’s network or your own on-site disposal system?) If connected to your own on-site septic system, has it been assessed by a suitably qualified person as being okay to receive the additional loads and chemicals from the salon or will it require an upgrade or alternative solution eg. holding tank?
  • information about where the water supply is coming from and how any potable supplies will be protected from any cross connections or hazards (information on backflow protection)
  • floor plan/site plans showing existing and proposed building/room lay out, including:
    • floor coverings, wall linings, surface finishes
    • ventilation ie open window and mechanical vent locations
    • location of all services, appliances, benches, sinks, wash basins, hand wash facilities and cutting chairs
  • floor plan should include items required for compliance with hairdressing regulations
  • drainage and plumbing plan and specifications, including hot water supply information
  • any trade waste agreements or approval from the regional council in relation to discharge is applicable
  • 112 report (for alteration to existing building)

Additional to building consent, the salon will need to comply with Council’s 3 waters, planning and health department requirements.

Installing a commercial hair salon

Additional to the information above, a building consent application for a hair salon in a new or existing building will need to include:

  • Fire report/assessment
  • 112 report/assessment
  • Accessibility report/assessment
  • 115 report/assessment (if change of use is proposed)
  • CPU (Certificate of Public Use) information if applicable.

Due to the level of information we require for a building consent, Council advises engaging suitability qualified people to help you with your project. Please note: the list above is not a complete itemised list of information required for a building consent in relation to a hair salon. However, it is a basic list of minimum information we may require to be satisfied your proposed salon will comply with the relevant building code and Act.