Applying for your CCC

We accept applications for CCC via the online portal ObjectiveBuild. If there is an issue with lodging an application electronically, please contact us on 0800 732 732.

An owner or appointed agent must apply for a CCC by submitting the Form 6 Application for Code Compliance Certificate which is found on the Objective portal. Once all the work described in the building consent is completed this form is to be submitted along with any subsequent approved variations that have been completed in accordance with the consented documents. Have your building consent number handy as this will help link your applications and make it easier to apply for your CCC. 

The CCC application is vetted for completeness and if any documentation or information is missing you will receive a Submission Request for Further Information (SRFI) via the ObjectiveBuild portal. Once Council is satisfied we have all we need to proceed with the application, the final inspection will be booked. An email and/or text will be sent to the nominated person for inspections.

Processing of your application

CCC processing can take up to 20 working days. We will not accept incomplete CCC applications as per section 92 of the Building Act 2004. All required documents listed within the building consent or requested from a site inspection notice must be supplied and accepted prior to issue of the CCC if not an RFI may be requested and the clock will be paused. 

Please use this CCC checklist

The statutory 20 working days’ time clock will commence from the next working day after all required information is accepted. A final inspection will be completed. If the inspection is failed the statutory 20-working day clock will be suspended from the date the inspection is failed and will remain suspended until the next working day after all failed items are completed in full.

Approval of your application

Once approved, in cases where required, the BCA will issue you with a compliance schedule (stating the specified systems performance standards and inspection and maintenance regimes of the systems contained within the building and nominate the location the compliance schedule is to be kept), a Compliance Schedule Statement (to be publicly displayed within the building) and a Code Compliance Certificate (to be kept for your records).

A final invoice (for any additional hours, inspections and CCC application fee) will be sent to you and once paid, the CCC will be issued. A CCC can be withheld until any Development Contributions are paid, or any other fee for the likes of additional inspections. Invoices are payable via the Southland District Council website, internet banking or at any Southland District Council office.

Once you have received your CCC, your building work has been verified that it complies with the consent and no further inspections or approvals are required by the BCA. For further information on matters for consideration when deciding issuing of CCC please see Section 94 of the Building Act 2004.

For ongoing requirements where a Compliance Schedule is issued and your Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) information, see these sections (links to Compliance Schedule and BWOF).