Want to run a camping ground? Find out how.

What kind of approval do I need?

Camping grounds are required to be registered with Council. The Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985 define a camping ground as follows:

any area of land used, or designed or intended to be used, for rent, hire, donation, or otherwise for reward, for the purposes of placing or erecting on the land temporary living places for occupation, by 2 or more families or parties (whether consisting of 1 or more persons) living independently of each other, whether or not such families or parties enjoy the use in common of entrances, water supplies, cookhouses, sanitary fixtures, or other premises and equipment; and includes any area of land used as a camping ground immediately before the commencement of these regulations.

Camping grounds for groups

The Regulations do not apply to facilities for group camping under one control such as scouts or a school group.

Register a camping ground

If you are taking over an existing business or setting up a new camping site you will need to complete and return an application for health registration 

Depending on business activities you may need a resource consent or a building consent. If you are planning to sell food you will need to register as a food business.

Fees and charges that are required for registration:

  • registration
  • getting checked once a year
  • renewing the registration
  • Camping ground requirements

Follow the link below to the fees and charges page on our website.

Design of food facilities

The design and construction of the facilities used in the food business must meet the requirements of the Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985 and meet requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

For further information refer to The Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985


Exemptions from the requirements of the regulations may be granted by Council for limited service camping grounds like:

  • limited facilities for campers using self-contained vehicles
  • limited facilitates for “glamping”

Contact us

Before opening a new camping ground, call us on 0800 732 732 and ask for the Environmental Health Team so we can walk you through the process.