Property rates are based on data (values, new rating units, etc.) that exist on 1 July each rating year. This includes titles which are processed by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) after 1 July but have an issue date prior to 30 June.

If a property is subdivided during the rating year, the rates on the subdivided properties are not applied until 1 July the following rating year.

A solicitor needs to ensure the rates amount is allocated (apportioned) correctly.

Records of title

Each property title (Record of Title) is assigned a rating account.

When a property is subdivided, the rates account, along with the original title, is cancelled. This is because the new subdivided property titles replace the original title.

Before we cancel the original title, you have to pay the rates in full.

Check if a Record of Title has been issued 

To check if a Record of Title has been issued, contact Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).