What should you flush?

To prevent our sewers from getting blocked we need to make sure we only flush what we’re supposed to. Your toilet is not a rubbish bin.

It costs tens of thousands of dollars every year to repair damage caused by people flushing items they should not be, even disposable cleaning cloths.

There are 76 wastewater pump stations around the district and in the year to mid-August there have been 57 blockages. The problem is getting worse and costs a lot to fix – repairs can range from $500 to $10,000.

While some products might say they can be flushed, they actually block up pipes and cause a lot of damage. The only things that should ever go down a toilet are human waste (urine and faeces) and toilet paper.

What not to flush?

  • disposable cleaning cloths
  • nappies/disposable underwear
  • tampons & sanitary products
  • cotton balls & cotton buds
  • medications (return unused medicine to a pharmacy)
  • condoms
  • facial tissues
  • bandages
  • grease
  • cleaning products
  • dental floss