Building in the district visits timetable

All office appointments are bimonthly on Thursday except Lumsden which on Wednesday.

  Riverton 10.30 till 2.00pm  Winton 10.30 till 2.00pm  Lumsden 10.30 till 2.00pm   Otautau 10.30 till 2.00pm 
  bimonthly on Thursday bimonthly on Thursday bimonthly on Wednesday bimonthly on Thursday
 Feb  1 Feb    21 Feb  
 Mar    7 Mar    28 Mar
 Apr  11 Apr    17 Apr  
 May    16 May    30 May
 Jun  6 Jun    19 Jun  
 Jul    11 Jul    25 Jul
 Aug  1 Aug    21 Aug  
 Sep    19 Sep    26 Sep
 Oct  3 Oct    23 Oct  
 Nov    14 Nov    28 Nov


Te Anau technical office appointments

Te Anau office has a daily appointment at 10.30am available for any technical queries requiring a BCO. If you are unsure please call 0800 732 732 and request the building department, they can advise whether it can be answered by Coordinator team or if an appointment will need to be booked.

Invercargill appointments

The Invercargill office has two appointments available daily at 10.30am and 2pm. 

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