When to request a refund

You may be eligible for a rates refund if:

  • your rates rebate has cleared your rates balance to 30 June and put you in credit
  • you have overpaid your rates account
  • your rates have been adjusted resulting in a credit balance for the year
  • there has been a change in property ownership.

How to request a refund

We will credit all refunds into your bank account.

You must provide your:

  • name
  • daytime phone number
  • property address
  • reason for refund
  • proof of bank account:
    • scanned, pre-printed bank deposit slip
    • letter from your bank
    • screenshot of your internet banking account details, including your bank account name and number with the bank logo
  • settlement statement from the solicitor (if the refund request is due to a change of ownership)
  • proof of each payment to be refunded, for example, a bank statement or bank account screenshot - (proof of payment is not needed for direct debit or internet payments made within New Zealand, where a refund is to be paid back into the same bank account).

Email your request to rates@southlanddc.govt.nz and include the relevant information specified.

Once we validate your request for a refund, it will be paid out on the 20th of the month.

How to request a refund of a penalty

If a penalty has been applied to your account, find out if you are eligible for a remission of property rates penalties.