Will my building consent expire if I haven't started building?

Under Building Act 2004 you will need to start building work to which the consent relates within 12 months from the date of the issue of the consent. If work has not started, the consent will automatically lapse and be of no effect. This means you will need to apply for a new consent and incur further costs if you wish to start that work.

We will contact you to remind you of this. If the project has been delayed, you may apply for an extension to this time period.

If a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) application has not been made by the two-year anniversary of the granting of the building consent, the BCA is required to decide on whether or not to issue a CCC. If the BCA decides it cannot issue a CCC at this time the building consent will be given the status of ‘Refused CCC’ and the owner/applicant will be notified by a refused CCC notification letter.

Refusal of a code compliance certificate (CCC)

Refused CCC status does not restrict you from completing the work and applying for a CCC at a later date however, please be aware that in progressing the work you will need to ensure any further inspections listed under the building consent inspection endorsements are notified to Council for it to be in a position to issue the CCC at completion.