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With the Delta variant now in New Zealand moving to ‘Delta alert level 2’ isn’t quite the same as last time.

What is new

Face masks are mandatory for customer facing roles. This means that you will need to wear a face mask while a building inspector is on-site and your building inspector will also be wearing a face mask.

What’s the same

You need have a Covid-19 Controls Plan for your site. While Council will not be ‘checking’ these under level 2, if there is not evidence of one being ‘in place’ at your site your inspection will not go ahead. Key things the inspector will be checking for include:

  • that you have provided wash stations and/or hand sanitiser on your site and made them available to visitors
  • that 2 meter distancing is in place between ‘bubbles’
  • that when contractors are on-site (including the inspector) all people on site will be required to wear face masks
  • that you have the appropriate Covid-19 site safety and contact signage in place
  • that your Covid-19 site supervisor name and phone number is visible to those entering the site
  • that in addition to the QR Code, your sign in / sign out register will be used in conjunction with a health declaration, preventing any to access the site who are unwell or may have been in contact with Covid-19.

Context for booking your inspection

Unless you are requesting a ‘combined inspection’ as stated in your Building Consent documentation, you will only be able to book one inspection per building site at a time to ensure capacity for inspections is shared equally across the district.

Handy links

We believe the following links will provide greater insight into working under delta alert level 2:

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Please note that we may not be able to schedule the inspection on your preferred date. If possible please give us 72 hours notice to arrange a booking. The minimum notice is 48 hours. We will be in touch to arrange an inspection date.