Supplying a Building Warrant of Fitness

It is the responsibility of the building owner to supply Council each year a BWoF on the anniversary of when their original compliance schedule was issued.

A building owner can appoint an agent (Independently Qualified Person) to manage this task for them, but it still remains the owner’s responsibility to make sure Council receives the documentation.

A BWoF has particular requirements under legislation, these requirements are as follow;
The Building Act 2004 state the BWoF must:

  • be supplied on each anniversary of the issue of the compliance schedule
  • state that the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures of the compliance schedule have been fully complied with for the previous 12 months
  • a copy of each certificate issued by the IQP for each specified system, along with any recommendations for amending the compliance schedule must be attached to the BWoF provided to the territorial authority
  • the owner must use the prescribed BWoF form, providing all the information and attachments required, including:
    • the compliance schedule number
    • location of the particular building
    • current lawfully established use, including number of occupants
    • the owner of the building
    • original date the building was constructed
    • the highest fire risk category (if applicable) for building use.

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How can I supply a BWoF to council? This can either be emailed to or, handed into any Southland District Council area office.

Who is ultimately responsible for supplying a BWoF? The building owner is responsible for supplying a BWoF. You can engage someone to do this on your behalf.