When to apply for a Code of Compliance Certificate

A Code Compliance Certificate application must be made as soon as practicable after all building work is completed in accordance with the approved building consent documentation.

However, this does not prevent an application being made for works undertaken under a building consent that have not yet had a Code Compliance Certificate issued. Where an application for a Code Compliance Certificate is made after a prolonged period since the works were completed, additional measures may be required to be undertaken in order to obtain a Code Compliance Certificate. For example a durability modification.

Email us: building-cs@southlanddc.govt.nz

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How do I apply for a Code Compliance Certificate? You can apply for a Code Compliance Certificate using either the prescribed application form which can be found in the Forms section on this page or by using the Simpli electronic lodgement portal.

How long should I wait to apply? The application for Code Compliance Certificate should be made as soon practical after the work has been completed while the tradespeople involved still have knowledge of the site in case further information is required.

How long will it take? The Council has 20 working days to decide on the Code Compliance Certificate including a final inspection site visit.
The 20-day clock is stopped when we have to send a request for further information due to an incomplete application or if the inspection finds incomplete work. The clock is restarted once the issues have been addressed.

Who has to apply? As the owner of a property you are ultimately responsible for the application. The owner may give written authority to a person to act on their behalf if not a listed agent in the building consent application.

Do I need to apply? You don’t have to apply for a Code Compliance Certificate. Councils only requirement is to notify the owner before 24 months from the issue of the building consent to make application for a Code Compliance, or the Building consent may be refused. But not having a Code Compliance Certificate may affect your mortgage or insurances. Consents without Code Compliance Certificate will show up on LIMs when you sell the property.