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Because of the nature of historical documents of this type, the accuracy of information provided as part of this service cannot be guaranteed. There may be errors or omissions in the data presented, and Southland District Council does not accept responsibility for any effects arising from this situation. If a correction needs to be made contact us. Please note all records need to be verified before changes can be made.

If you cannot find the person you are looking for in our cemeteries, it may be because they are buried elsewhere. We suggest you try these other local authorities:

Invercargill City Council (external link)

Gore District Council (external link)

Queenstown Lakes District Council (external link)

It also could be because the person you are looking for was cremated. Try the following:

Invercargill Crematorium (external link)

Dunedin Crematorium (external link)

Or it could be because the burial record you are looking for is one that has been lost, as many original records were lost due to fire, flood or the passage of time. If you download a copy of the death registration from Births, Deaths & Marriages Online (external link) and it verifies that a burial took place in a Southland cemetery, please send us a copy of the document so we can add it to the cemetery records if appropriate.

Lastly, please note that the Fairfax Cemetery is not connected to the township of Fairfax near Otautau. Instead, the Fairfax Cemetery is situated in the historic Town of Fairfax, now known as Tokoiti, near Milton, and is administered by Clutha District Council (external link)