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26 Feb 2024


February 26th 2024, Emergency Management Southland media release

This is an official message from the Civil Defence Controller Simon Mapp

Update – Bluecliffs state of emergency - #7

Mayor Rob Scott has extended the State of Emergency at Bluecliffs.

Emergency Management Southland, along with Southland District Council and Environment Southland will regroup this week to work out next steps in terms of the opening at the bar and the removal of material at the community landfill.

Late last week a cut was made into the bar at the Waiau River mouth. The team will be assessing this today, and regrouping to determine next steps.

“We, along with the Bluecliffs community, have high hopes that this opening will provide them with some relief to the erosion near their properties.

“We needed the weekend to assess this has been as there are a number of factors at play such as the river flows, weather forecast and sea swells that impact the opening.

“This highly complex work was conducted by Environment Southland’s experienced contractors and their safety was absolutely paramount in how this work proceeded.”

On Saturday, Minister for the Environment Penny Simmond announced a successful funding bid by Environment Southland for the removal of material at the community landfill at Bluecliffs.

The Bluecliffs landfill site is situated in a former gravel pit located within Te Waewae Bay, west of the Waiau River mouth. Waste material was dumped at the site from the 1970s through to 1980s, and fly tipping took place up to 2000.

Coastal tides and Waiau River mouth flooding have eroded parts of the site and surrounding areas.

They have been granted $1.35 million towards planning and the remediation works.

For further information visit https://cdsouthland.nz/.

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