Durability Modification

Building Code Clause B2 Durability (external link) contains provisions that, in general terms, require all building elements to be durable for prescribed periods of time, assuming normal maintenance.

In the normal course of events the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) is issued at about the same time the work is completed and the durability periods therefore commence form the date of issue of the CCC.

However, where the CCC application is made after a prolonged period since the building works were undertaken, then a Durability Modification may be required in order to back date the construction elements durability requirements to when works were practicably completed.

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Is there a difference in durability period for different types of building work? Yes, please see this link for a full summary of required durability periods and further information on durability -
https://www.building.govt.nz/building-code-compliance/b-stability/b2-durability/durability-vs-warranty/durability/ (external link)

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